School of HipHop

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Our Mission

The Vision

Breakdown barriers which block pathways for art education, cultural enrichment and upward mobility for African American/Black and minority youth.

Art Education

Culture Enrichment

Ensuring our students retain life skill sets and cultural identity in Art Education.

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Bronze $10 Monthly (VIP to all events)

Silver $50 Monthly (VIP to all events and sponsorship for 2 kids to any camp

Gold $100 + Monthly (VIP to all events, sponsorship for 4 kids to any camp and name placement on website and all events.

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We offer Workshops & Camps (daily or weekly) using 5 elements of HipHop and instrumentation.

**Group or individual lessons**

- DJ /Production

- EMCEE / Spoken Word

- B Boy/Girl (Dance)

- Graffiti Art

- Overstanding (Knowledge)

(Drums, Keys, Guitar, Bass and Vocals)


You can help inspire the next generation of artists and musicians by partnering with us. Consider donating your time and expertise as a mentor, providing space, equipment, and program materials, or making a gift. Community partners like you truly make this possible for so many young people.



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